The Circle has a pro-active policy of supporting members with their publications. Many of our members have published important studies and links are available directly to the publishers:

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The Belgian Study Circle,
The First 50 Years

R.T. Harrison,
1999, 53 pages
£5.00 + p&p

New Reprint Now Available

Railway Parcels Post
Cancellations of Belgium

T. Jones, edited and expanded by A.D. Geake,
2003, 211 pages

Reprinted with improved presentation but price unchanged. New durable wire binding; plastic cover; stronger paper.

£25.00 including UK postage

30€ including postage to Europe

£30.00 including postage to the Rest of the World

“Fine barbe” Varieties
T.N. Pring,
2009, 194 pages
£15.00 + p&p
Cinderella Stamps of Belgium, M.J. Mobbs†
Vol 1: Commemorative Vignetttes 1876-1914
2008, 135 pages
This book is currently out of print.
Vol 2: Commemorative Vignetttes 1915-1940
2008, 92 pages
This book is currently out of print.
Vol 3: Commemorative Vignetttes 1941-1966
2009, 92 pages
£25.00 + p&p
The Society Journal

T.N. Pring,
2009, 194 pages
£5.00 + p&p

Belgian Philatelic Study Circle Library List – The current version is available on this website here.

Members’ publications available from the publishers

 La poste rurale au XIXième
siècle en Belgique et en Europe

J-C. Porignon, Ed Dricot,
1993, 374 pages
€50.00 + p&p to Europes
Avant qu’il ne soit trop tard



Michael Barden
2002, 57 pages
CD-Rom £10.00 inc p&p

The story of the 1946 “Van Acker” stamps and postal stationery surcharged -10%

 Belgium 1935 State Seal Issue
J Barry Horne
2002, 57 pages
£10.00 + p&p
 From the Azores to New Zealand
P. Maselis, Roularta Books
2005, 419 pages
€50 inc p&pThe Belgian Colonies on all six continents (1451-1916). Their origins, history and communication (pre-philately)….
 La Poste à Bruxelles
E. Van den Panhuyzen
2010, 181 pages
€50 inc p&pA beautifully produced account of the postal history of Brussels, but with plenty of information applicable to all studies of early postal history of Brussels. Invaluable and a delight to read.
 Les Rouleaux à l’Effigie du Roi Baudouin 1er type Marchand
H. Caprasse
2010, 159 pages
€50 inc p&p

Monaco Philex 2009 Box Set including the following titles:

(only available as a set)
€150.00 inc international postage

 1 centime medaillon
Luc Van Pamel,
249 pages
 Maritime Mail
Claude J.P.Delbeke,
 Mail to Foreign Destinations
Dr Jan Huys, Pierre Kaiser,
336 pages
 Lado, Histoire postale de l’enclave
P. Maselis, V. Schouberechts, L. Tavano,
401 pages
 Roue Ailee
Henk Slabbinck,
113 pages
 Belgium Proofs
Dr J. Stes,
898 pages

Other Publications:

Barefoot Revenues
J. Barefoot,
2nd Edition 2009, 122 pages
£15.00 + p&p
La poste à Anvers depuis ses débuts jusqu’en 1793
Coppens, De Gryse, Van Der Linden & De Clercq, Pandora, 1993.
£15.00 + p&pAn outstanding history of Antwerp’s early posts under the Tour & Tassis administration. Richly illustrated. Essential reading of all collectors of early mail. In French.
The Games Reborn
Roland Renson, Pandora, 1996, 96pp.
£7.50 + p&pA fascinating account of the 1920 Olympic Games held in Antwerp. In English and very well illustrated. Non-philatelic but many fascinating stories about these Games.
La poste belge et ses diverses marques postales de 1884 à 1914
L Hanciau, 1981 reprint by H Raassens.
£20.50 + p&pStill an excellent reference source of Belgian postmarks. In French.



Sold out

Postgeschichte Eupen, Malmedy und St. Vith
Michael Amplatz, Pandora, 2001, 160pp
£20.00 + p&pA superb postal history of this fascinating are of Belgium. Full listing of all postmarks, with historical and postal background. In German but a translation is available. Essential for all collectors of the Eastern cantons of Belgium.
Histoire Postale d’Eupen, Malmedy et St-Vith
Translation into French by Jean Bruwier,
BSC, 2010, A4, 114pages.
£7.50 + p&p
CD-ROM £5.00 + p&p

Society Publications:

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