Auction Listing

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Ref NumberLot NumberCategoryDescriptionEstimateImage Link
NM0051Pre-stamp Covers1803 dated wrapper with fine strike of 94/BRUXELLES (Herlant 44) to Saumur and forwarded to Angers. Dated with Revolutionary Calendar 24 Vendemaire An 12 (15 Oct 1803). Charged 8 décimes.£ 5.00
NM1152Pre-stamp Covers1816 e/l from Erlangen (R.3. ERLANGEN / 11 DEC 1816) to Francomont. Fine rectangular boxed Duitsch-Grensk/te Henri-Chapelle on reverse. Initially routed via Frankfurt (fr. ffort) but deleted for fco Hanau?). Multiple rate markings. Interesting cover£ 20.00
NM1033Pre-stamp Covers1818 e/l from GEND (Herlant 59) (good) to Brussels. Indice 8.£ 6.00
NM1044Pre-stamp Covers1819 e/l from NAMEN (Namur) (Herlant 50) (good) to Brussels. Indice 9. £ 8.00
NM1055Pre-stamp Covers1821 e/l from ATH (Herlant 34) to Tournay. Indice 8£ 6.00
6Pre-stamp Covers1827 EL from 64/BAYONNE to Gand, Pays-Bas (under Dutch domination). Straight line accountancy marking L.F.R.6. £ 5.00
NM1137Pre-stamp Covers1828 official legal e/l fine LUIK (Herlant 58) sent free to Dinant on behalf of the Procurator General. Official seal and signature.£ 8.00
NM1148Pre-stamp Covers1833 from HUY (Herlant 33) (very fine) to LIEGE (Type 15 on reverse). Ind 11. £ 8.50
NM1109Pre-stamp Covers1835 e/l from CHARLEROY (Type 14) to Nivelles. £ 5.00
NM11610Pre-stamp Covers1838 e/l from Lechenich via m/s red Brühl (Nord Rhein Westphalia) to Gloucestershire. Good FRANCO h/s and fine ALLEMAGNE/PAR HERVE (Herlant 37 Type 26) and LONDON transit on reverse. Ind 16£ 20.00
NM10611Pre-stamp Covers1841 pre-paid e/l from BRUXELLES (Type 42 cds) to GAND. Blue boxed PP and s/l APRES LE DEPART.£ 7.50
NM10812Pre-stamp Covers1841 pre-paid e/l from GAND (Type 15) to Brussels. PP in rhomboid. m/s fco. BRUXELLES Type 15 in blue on arrival£ 5.00
NM10713Pre-stamp Covers1841 pre-paid e/l from Lierde ste Marie (weak Type 18) via GRAMMONT (Type 14) to Gand. £ 10.00
NM05014Pre-stamp Covers1842 e/l from BRUXELLES (Type 42 cds) via St NICOLAS (Type 42 on reverse), blue SR applied, then on St Gillis (Waes) via Service rural. £ 7.50
NM10215Pre-stamp Covers1843 e/l from CHIMAY with fine Type 15 cds (Herlant Indice 11) to Hanover. Partial APRES LE DEPART strike on the reverse. £ 10.00
NM11216Pre-stamp Covers1844 wrapper (no contents) from FAYT Type 18 (Herlant 4 Indice 17) to CHARLEROY (Type 15 on arrival). £ 10.00
NM10917Pre-stamp Covers1846 e/l from BRUXELLES (Type 16) to Francomont via. Boxed SR (service rural) and very fine boxed 3-line APRES LE DEPART.£ 10.00
NM00418Pre-stamp Covers1848 e/l from Bruxelles BEAU D in blue + BRUXELLES Type B2 cds (intra-muros office in rue des Flandres) for local delivery, 30 Apr 1848. BRUXELLES Type B2 cds on reverse in blue. Charged 1 decime. Fine.£ 25.00
NM00319Pre-stamp Covers1848 e/l from Bruxelles BEAU D in blue + BRUXELLES Type B2 cds (intra-muros office in rue des Flandres) to St Ghislain, 22 Feb 1848. St Ghislain Type B2 cds on reverse in red . Charged 4 décimes. Fine.£ 25.00
NM11120Pre-stamp Covers1860 undated wrapper from AUDENARDE (Herlant 11) to Ghent. Charged 1 stuiver.£ 15.00
RL07421Pre-stamp CoversEL with contents cxl red dc of YPRES for local delivery to Reninghe. 14/8/1845 + APRES LE DEPART and CA (= correspondance d'arrondissement)£ 10.00
NM05122Covers 1849-19141849. 20c Epaulette on wrapper from GAND (Bar 45) to BRUGES, 11 August 1849. Margin just touched lower left but margin of adjacent stamp showing below. Clean and pleasant looking. £ 25.00
NM13123Covers 1849-19141851 entire from CHARLEROY to Chatelet franked 10c imperf Medallion. CHATELINEAU cds on arrival on reverse.£ 0.00
NM09824Covers 1849-19141854 e/l from ALOST to ANVERS. Franked 20c imperf Medallion cxl 18 bars No2 of Alost. £ 0.00
NM05725Covers 1849-19141855 Imperf 20c Medallion on small complete e/l from NIVELLES (Bar 89) to NAMUR, 23 Sept 1855. Clean cover. Margins clear.£ 5.00
NM05326Covers 1849-19141858. Imperf 20c Medallion on large part wrapper from COURTRAY (Bar 29) to GAND, 13 August 1858. Appears to have been delivered in 2 hours! Postman's number 6 in blue on reverse. £ 5.00
NM09727Covers 1849-19141859 e/l from GAND to Meursault, France. Franked with two 20c imperf Medallions cxl 14 bar No45 cancellation of GAND. £ 0.00
NM05228Covers 1849-19141859. Pair of imperf 10c Medallions on e/l from MONS (Bar 83) to GAND, 9 Aug 1859. Contains cloth samples glued inside. Margins close to good. Clean. £ 15.00
NM05429Covers 1849-19141860. Imperf 20c Medallion on e/l from VERVIERS/A/1 (annexe) to NAMUR, 13 Aug 1860. V fine cds but Bar cxl unclear. Clean cover. Stamp margins just clear. Nice colour.£ 5.00
NM09930Covers 1849-19141861 20c perf Medallions from plate 1 of 1861 showing diagonal scratch across stamps 297 and 298 (Balasse 15V3. V4). Ex Andrews £ 0.00
NM09531Covers 1849-19141861 e/l from BRUXELLES to LIEGE. 8 bar numeral 24 cxl., Liege to GAND franked 20c imperf Medallion cxl bars cxl No29. £ 0.00
NM09432Covers 1849-19141861 e/l from COURTRAI to GAND franked 20c imperf Medallion cxl bars cxl No29. £ 0.00
NM09633Covers 1849-19141863 e/l from SPA to Norfolk UK. Franked 40c Medallion with No110 bar cxl of SPA. Fine ANGLETERRE PAR OUEST 2 tpo on reverse.£ 0.00
NM09334Covers 1849-19141864 e/l from BRUXELLES 4pm on 24 March to NAMUR, arriving 9pm. 2 x 10c Medallions cxl 10 bar 24. Last few days of use of the bar canceller which was replaced by lozenge cancellers as of 1 April 1864. Fine £ 0.00
NM05635Covers 1849-19141864. 10c perf Medallion on e/l from ERQUELINES (LP114) to CHARLEROY, 18 Nov 1864. £ 5.00
NM05536Covers 1849-19141864. 20c and 40c perf Medallions on front from GAND (clean LP141 x 2) to LONDON via Calais, 6 July 1864. Also front from TOURNAY (LP363) to London franked 40c Medallion endorsed "Echatillons sans valeur").£ 10.00
NM09237Covers 1849-19141865 e/l from ARLON to Bure la Forge (Longuyon, France). Franked 20c Medallion at the reduced rate "tariff frontalier" for mail to border areas. Boxed PD (payé a destination). Incorrectly charged as the address was misread as Longwy (within the border £ 20.00
NM03938Covers 1849-19141879 Large official cv cxl BRUXELLES Type E9 cds 11 FEVR 1879 from the Ministere de l'Interieure (cachets front and back) to Oostmalle (with contents - printed circular). £ 5.00
RL08739Covers 1849-19141882. PSC N°15 obl. simple circle ambulant EST 3 + framed griffe BRUXELLES to Germany.£ 10.00
TP01640Covers 1849-19141884 Issue 1c (COB43) + 2 x 2c yellow (COB54) franking printed PIERRE NIESSEN / STAMP DEALER / BRUSSELS to USA 2 Aug 1893. International printed matter rate. Good mixed franking. £ 20.00
TP00241Covers 1849-19141887 5c reply-paid card + 5c from Chateau de Dave (unused return part attached) cxd JAMBES to Tegal-Java, 18/10/1897. BATAVIA and TEGAL cxls on arrival £ 5.00
NM06142Covers 1849-19141892 morning cv from NAMUR (STATION) to Halloy, 2 mar 1892. Franked 1c (COB 43). £ 3.00
TP00143Covers 1849-19141893 10c complete fine barbe letter card with multicolour franking to Switzerland (COB 56 + 58) cxd ANVERS (STATION) 15/02/1904. Fine and colourful.£ 6.00
TP01444Covers 1849-19141893 Issue. Imperforate marginal fine barbe 20c (COB59). Fine with large margins. Cat €75£ 20.00
TP00445Covers 1849-19141893 Strip of 3 x 10c fine barbe (COB57) cxl BRAINE-LE-COMPTE 06/12/1893 to London£ 5.00
TP02046Covers 1849-19141894 10c fine barbe PSE from ANVERS to Hamburg franked additional 15c with mixed low values. Varieties described £ 5.00
TP02947Covers 1849-19141895. 10c PS Envelope with additional arms values : 5c (2), 2c (2), 1c) all with Bandelettes attached. Sent from ANVERS 19 Dec 1895 each with Pring flaws noted. Multicolour! Superb£ 15.00
NM00648Covers 1849-19141896 Brussels Exhibition Issues. Three postcards from John P Best, Anvers, to the same addressee in Lille, France, respectively franked with COB71, 72, 73 (COB 72 corner fault). Cat €66 on cover.£ 7.50
TP01349Covers 1849-19141898. Registered cv from HEYST-SUR-MER to Lisbon, 19 Aug 1898. Franked fine barbe 50c bistre (cat €125 on cv). Stamp has flaw showing broken tight hand corner design£ 25.00
TP00650Covers 1849-19141900. PPC sent EXPRESS from MARCHIENNE-AU-PONT to the Ch de ??, 30 Apr 1900£ 5.00
NM12851Covers 1849-19141901 cover franked 1893 Fine Barbe 1fr Orange (COB65) cxl BRUXELLES / EFFETS DE COMMERCE to Antwerp. Cat €260 on cover.£ 50.00
TP00552Covers 1849-19141903. Registered 10c PS envelope with additional fine barbe 5c, 10c & 20c cxl BRUXELLES 5 Nov 03 to Bastendorff (GD Luxbg). BRUXELLES (Quittances) cds with 3/10 fraction. LUXEMBOURG-GARE and DIEKIRCH cds on arrival. 1897 Brussels Expo grey Tervueren la£ 10.00
TP00953Covers 1849-19141905. Cover franked 5c & 20c fine barbe to Polska Ostrava, Silesia, 18 Feb 1905. Both adhesives described as varieties.£ 5.00
TP00354Covers 1849-19141905. Strip of 5 x 5c armoiries (COB56) on cover cxl ANVERS DEPART to Omaha, USA, 28/10/05. OMAHA m/c cxl on reverse NOV 12 on arrival£ 5.00
RL00355Covers 1849-19141907. COBs74 & 78 cxl BRUXELLES (EST) / DEPART on insured letter for 300frs to France, 1907. Boxed ASSURE cachet£ 12.00
RL10256Covers 1849-19141913. N°114 obl. mechanical BRUXELLES double-weight (20-40gr) to Paris. COB 150€£ 8.00
TP01557Covers 1849-19141915. pc franked 5c, 2c (brown) & 2c yellow fine barbe cxl LE HAVRE (SPECIAL) / SEINE INFRE to London 28 Apr 1915.£ 5.00
RL03958Covers 1849-19141920. Lettercard No24 (Tin Hat 15c) cxl KNOCKE to Brussels.£ 1.00
RL03159Covers 1849-1914COB343 on private pc from WAVRE to Louvain. COB Cat €12£ 3.50
RL04460Covers 1849-1914COB378 on Christmas pc to Arendonck cxl 1933 BRUXELLES /BRUSSEL/1 m/c slogan (Use Anti-TB stamps). COB Cat €25 £ 7.00
RL04861Covers 1849-1914COB61 & 62 (x2) on double-eight letter insured for 600fr to Germany. LIEGE/VALEURS cds and ASSURE cachet. Fine£ 20.00
TP01162Covers 1849-1914Double-weight insured letter from LIEGE to Plauen (Saxony) 2 x 35c + 25c fine barbe cxl LIEGE 25 SEPT 19 (year slugs missing - change from fixed to moveable type). Insured for 600frs with ASSURE cachet. £ 20.00
TP01963Covers 1849-1914Fine printed advertising cover for Babcock & Wilcox from BRUXELLES / DEPART to Birmingham with multiple franking of 25c. £ 10.00
TP01864Covers 1849-1914Grey printed business envelope cxl BRUXELLES (MIDI) to London, franked 5 x 2c yellow (COB 54) and 3 x 1894 Antwerp Expo 5c on dark pink. Pretty!£ 20.00
RL10365Covers 1849-1914N°29 obl. double circle du bureau d'échange France* midi 1 * Rare!£ 10.00
TP00766Covers 1849-1914Registered 10c PS envelope with additional fine barbe 5c and 35c fine barbe cxl BRUXELLES (LEGISLATIF) to Alencon (France). PARIS A GRANVILLE tpo on reverse£ 7.00
TP00867Covers 1849-1914Registered double-weight PSE with multicoloured fine barbe franking from SCHAERBEEK-DEUX PONTS (BRUX.) to Switzerland. Total franking 71c£ 10.00
TP01268Covers 1849-1914Registered double-weight cv from BRUXELLES 3 to Paris, 14 July 1898. BRUXELLES (Quittances) cds with 3/9 fraction (Abonnements). Franked 50c (cat €125 on cv) and 25c fine barbe.£ 5.00
TP01069Covers 1849-1914Registered double-weight cv from ST GILLES (BRUX) to London franked 3 x 25c fine barbe. Oval BRUXELLES (RECEPTION) é. Upper stamp with variety "scratch through NE PAS LIVRER .." £ 7.00
MW01970Covers 1849-1914Selection of Brussels office cancellations on Medallions - Brussels 24 18 bar, 14 bar, 8 bar (4), plus cancellations for NORD, MIDI, EST and OUEST (7). Fair quality and collectible examples. A nice selection £ 20.00
TP02171Covers 1849-1914Small collection of cards (15), used PS cards (5), and covers (6) franked with fine barbe issues to 25c£ 15.00
TP01772Covers 1849-1914ppc of Jan Breydel Ostend-Dover boat from OP-WOLUWE / WOLUWE-ST-LAMBERT to Menton. Franked 2 x 2c yellow (COB 54) + 1912 Issue 1c (COB 108). V late use of 2c. Cds shows ergot (screw for fastening date slug. Unusual £ 10.00
RL06273Covers 1919 Onwards1919. N°152 (surcharge Red Cross) cxl HASSELT on pc to Brée, le 3/1/19. Correct rate£ 8.00
RL06174Covers 1919 Onwards1920. N°179-180 (Antwerp 1920 Olympic Games) on cv to Blankenberghe with GENT mech cxl 4/6/1920£ 7.00
RL00575Covers 1919 Onwards1920. N°s 179 & 180 (Antwerp 1920 Olympic Games) on cv cxl GENT/GAND 3 cds to Blankenberghe. Also with GENT mech cxl 4/6/1920. Also cover with N°s 179 & 181 with GENT/GAND 3 m/c cxl, 20/12/1920. Domestic letter rate 15c to 1/11/20 and then 20c. £ 10.00
RL06376Covers 1919 Onwards1924. N°213(2) obl. AGENCE IXELLES *15* ELSENE on reg cv (with contents) to Austria, 1924 plus receipt for deposit cxl same office 14/2/14. £ 11.00
NM05877Covers 1919 Onwards1929 Heraldic Lions Issue. 5 cards and covers with 35c (2), 40c, 50c on 50c Publibel , and 2 x 60c + 35c. £ 7.50
NM04878Covers 1919 Onwards1940 Miniature envelope complete with visiting card with New Year 1940 wishes franked 5c and 30c Lions (COB419 &424).£ 4.00
MW07279Covers 1919 Onwards1941 cover Brussels to Parcels for Belgian Prisoners, Washington. Fine resealing strip on back and Berlin censor's cachets. Franked 5fr and 1fr75 Poortman (COB 433 and 430)£ 5.00
MW07380Covers 1919 Onwards1941 cover Huy to Parcels for Belgian Prisoners, Washington. Various German censor's markings and ICRC Geneva cachet on reverse (on part of resealing strip?). Franked 10fr and 1fr75 Poortman (COB 434 and 430)£ 5.00
MW00481Covers 1919 Onwards1945 Injured Postmen pair COB699-700 on unaddressed cv cxd ANTWERPEN Philatelic Exhibition commemorative cds (weak). COB Cat €240! £ 10.00
MW00382Covers 1919 Onwards1945 Injured Postmen pair COB699-700 on cv addressed to Bruges cxd ANTWERPEN Philatelic Exhibition commemorative cds. Fold down centre of cv. COB Cat €240! £ 25.00
MW03483Covers 1919 Onwards1949 Anniversary of the Epaulettes (COB 807-810) on FDC with centenary cxl on unaddressed cv. COB Cat €44. £ 9.00
MW03584Covers 1919 Onwards1949 Anniversary of the Epaulettes COB807-810) on FDC with centenary cxl to London (Harry Green). COB Cat €44. Included souvenir cv with COB807 90c on ill cv from GENT (Salon Léopold I0 to Antwerp £ 8.00
TP04885Covers 1919 Onwards1952 UPU Issue. Two Express letter from MONS franked with (1) 80c, 1fr50 and 4fr (COB 880, 883 and 885) and additional 5c and 40c Lions and (2) with 2fr and 5fr75 (COB 882 and 886), second with telegraphic cancellation. Sent by the Vice-Consul of Portuga£ 15.00
MW03186Covers 1919 Onwards1952 cv with 4fr Thurn & Taxis (COB 885) with UPU Congress cxl to UK (ex Andrews)£ 2.00
RL01287Covers 1919 Onwards1952. COBs 845 & 847 cxl ECAUSSINES D'ENGHIEN on New Year's ppc to the Congo, 1952. Franked 4.20fr.£ 4.00
NM04988Covers 1919 Onwards1954 reg cv from STEKENE to Gent, franked 3fr Poortman COB847 and 2fr Marchand (x2) COB925.£ 3.00
MW05689Covers 1919 Onwards1961. Belgian South Pole Base. 3 covers sent to the Antarctic Base, 1961, 1965 and 1967, the last to Base Roi Baudouin. Also cover from Liege to STATION BELGICA 92 (1997) and returned via Reunion. The 974 LE PORT / REUNION on the reverse is complete but £ 5.00
MW05190Covers 1919 Onwards1970 mourning cover with contents and separate 2009 death notice£ 0.00
MW03291Covers 1919 Onwards1990 six souvenir cards for the 500th Anniversary of Thurn & Taxis routes in Belgium (Mechelen to Eupen). Franked COB2350 or German or Austrian joint issues. COB Cat €250+. Attractive£ 25.00
MW03392Covers 1919 Onwards1992 Thurn & Taxis Exhibition souvenir card (French cxl) COB2483HK-FR Cat €600!!£ 30.00
NM01793Covers 1919 OnwardsAssembly of 50+ envelopes and PCs franked with various MARCHAND issues. Noted R1a on 1955 cover. Some duplication but not checked for different printings, shades, phosphors etc£ 30.00
RL01194Miscellaneous Postal History1920 Receipt with COB139 cxl ST GILLES BRUXELLES cds + chamfered REMBOURSEMENT/TERUGBETALLING cachet. £ 3.00
RL06995Miscellaneous Postal History1929. PERFO N°254 (PERFIN F.B = Société Franco-belge matériel chemins de fer) cxl LA CROYERE on pc (fold) to La Buissière 1929£ 5.00
RL04396Miscellaneous Postal HistoryCOB118 PERFIN B.O. (= Banque d 'Outremer) on receipt cxl IXELLES/ELSENE/1H, 1912 £ 3.00
RL02197Miscellaneous Postal HistoryCOB211 Montenez PERFIN BBC = Belgian Benzine Co cxl BRUXELLES 10 to Resteigne, 1923. Carte recepisse. Fiscal on reverse.£ 4.00
RL02398Miscellaneous Postal HistoryCOB342 Mercier 10c cxl RELAIS ORVAL to Mellery, 1932. COB cat €15.£ 4.00
RL05299Miscellaneous Postal HistoryCOB711 on cv from Germany to POSTE RESTANTE Hasselt. HASSELT/1 cds, 1951£ 4.00
RL051100Miscellaneous Postal HistoryEnvelope for International order cxl ANVERS/VALEURS to Berlin, 1899. RP cachet£ 7.00
RL088101Miscellaneous Postal HistoryN°288A-320 obl. AGENCE BRUXELLES *31* s/lettre recom. 1932£ 5.00
RL089102Miscellaneous Postal HistoryN°423-528(4) obl. MOLENBEEK s/lettre recom+ AR 1942. Tarif exact (lettre1fr + recom 2.25fr + AR 1fr)£ 5.00
RL090103Miscellaneous Postal HistoryN°56-58 obl. Single circle ETTERBEEK(CHAUSSEE ST PIERRE) + framed griffe REMBOURSEMENT sur reçu de 2,10fr en 1903£ 10.00
RL078104Miscellaneous Postal HistoryN°59 PERFIN M&Co (= Mahillon & Co) cxl CUREGHEM (BRUXELLES) 1905 on receipt for 26.82fr£ 7.00
RL101105Miscellaneous Postal HistoryN°60-61(2) obl. LIEGE (LONGDOZ) sur lettre en double port ASSUREE de 600fr vers l'All. le 12/12/1900. TB£ 25.00
RL066106Miscellaneous Postal HistoryN°74-83 n receipt for 2.50fr cxl ANDERLECHT 1910. Framed REMBOURSEMENT griffe. Some wear and has been folded but otherwise undamaged.£ 10.00
RL010107Miscellaneous Postal Historyppc of ferry (unnamed) franked COBs 422, 484 (x2) & 496 cxl bilingual OSTENDE-DOUVRES cds. Sold for the Belgian Sailors' Welfare Fund.£ 6.00
NM123108Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1885. 5c PSC with additional 1884 Issue 25c (COB48) cancelled BRUXELLES / CENTRAL octagonal telegraphic cancellation. £ 15.00
NM023109Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1890 COB50 50c on reg cover BRUXELLES (EST) to Paris, 17 Sept 1890. COB Cat €50. £ 10.00
NM124110Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1901. 5c PSC with additional 1893 Issue 5c and 10c (2) with octagonal telegraphic datestamp of BRUXELLES (QUARTIER LOUISE) and EXPRES cachet.£ 20.00
NM129111Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1902 registered cover from ETTERBEEK (CH. St PIERRE) to Sweden franked 2 x 1893 Issue 25c (COB60). Oval BRUXELLES (RECEPTION) in transit on reverse. £ 20.00
MW079112Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1910 PPC of plane at Quinzaine d'Aviation de Stockel sent to BOMA. Poor Brussels cxl on 10c Grosse Barbe but clean BOMA 29 SEPT 1910 datestamp on arrival £ 0.00
NM024113Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1915 Issue 35c (Ieper) (COB142) on fine express advertising envelope (smokers' supplies) cover from BLANKENBERGHE A to Antwerp, July 1919. SPOEDBESTELLING / EXPRES cachet and ANTWERPEN / ANVERS 6 telegraphic arrival datestamp om reverse£ 15.00
MW081114Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1920 early flight cover from KNOCKE to UK franked 1915 Issue 1fr (COB145). Brussels transit datestamp, landed at Croydon Airport and received CROYDON datestamp. Correct franking of 25c foreign postage and 75c air surcharge. Ex Harry Green.£ 0.00
MW078115Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1925 cover from Brussels to France with bi-lingual PAR AVION / PER VLIEGTUIG cachet. Franked 1fr02c with Montenez 50c, Houyoux 30c, 2c Roi Casque and 1921 on 5c Olympics overprint (COB184 - not valid for foreign postage). £ 0.00
NM127116Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1927 registered cover from Brussels for local delivery franked with 1926 Anti-TB 1fr50 (COB243). Correctly franked. Anti-TB charity label attached. £ 4.00
MW069117Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1930-1938 14 flight covers to the Congo (1930 x 2, 1934 Raid Rubin, 1935 x 5 inc 1er Service Français Regulier, 1936 (2) inc Croydon Aerodrome, 1937 x 2, and 1938 x 2. Various cachets.£ 65.00
RL086118Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1930. N°257-283 obl. QUIEVRAIN on registered local letter.£ 5.00
MW077119Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1932 cover Bruges to Lahore, India. Franked 6fr25 inc 3 x 2fr King Albert "Kepi" (COB321) £ 10.00
MW076120Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1934 Registered air mail cover from Brussels to Bathurst, Gambia via German flight. German MIT LUFTPOST BEFORDERT / BERLIN C2 cachet, and REGISTERED / GPO GAMBIA on reverse. £ 5.00
MW071121Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1935 airmail cover to Jerusalem franked 5fr (COB PA4). Cat €25 Unusual destination. Section of back cut out.£ 5.00
MW087122Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1936 cover by air mail from Brussels to Finland. Franked 2fr75 with Poortman 1fr75 and PA6 (Cat €50) on cover.£ 15.00
MW075123Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1937 flight cover to Cannanore, India, via Imperial Airways. Returned to Theux, Belgium. £ 5.00
MW025124Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1939 3rd Orval set COB513-518 on reg cv from WEVELGEM to UK. Appears dated 9-6-39. Stamps were issued 20/06/39 acc to COB. Unpriced on cv in COB. Cat used €31.£ 10.00
NM125125Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1939. Airmail cover from Brussels to ATHENS, second weight step, franked with 1fr and 1fr75 from 1939 Red Cross Issue (COB500 & 501) and 2fr Air (COB PA3). Greek Currency Exchange Controle Bureau re-sealing strip and cachet. Franking correct. Unusual.£ 15.00
MW084126Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1944 airmail cover LA LOUVIERE to Germany, presumably to an forced Belgian worker. German censor's re-sealing strip and cachets and chemical wipes. Franked 2fr Poortman (COB431). £ 0.00
NM120127Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1944. Combined registered express cover from GENT/12 to Antwerp franked 5fr (COB646) and 50c (COB426). Franking apparently correct. COB 646 cat €40 on cover.£ 8.00
MW083128Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1945 cover Antwerp to London with CONTROLE DES COMMUNICATIONS and OPENED BY EXAMINER 1024 re-sealing labels and No398 in circle Belgian censor's number. Franked 1fr75 (COB683A)£ 0.00
MW082129Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1945 trans-Atlantic air service cover from CHARLEROI to Portland, Oregon. Opened and re-sealed by US censor. Franked 9fr02 with COB 670, 676,691, 694 and 696 £ 0.00
NM121130Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1945. Liberation Issue PSC from MARCHE C to Wavre with 1fr75 machine cancellation, cancelled blue FORTUNE (emergency) telegraphic datestamp of MARCHE (C) with hand-written date (5.6.45). Card correctly endorsed "Langue Française". £ 20.00
MW085131Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1946 6fr DC4 Skymaster (COB PA8) in fine used corner block of 14 stamps. Cancelled GENT 1. Printing flaw across stamps?£ 0.00
RL073132Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1947 -10% - N°725-724T chamfered railway cxl HOUDENG-GOEGNIES on EXPRES cv to Bruxelles, 1947£ 8.00
MW030133Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1949 Anniversary of the Epaulettes COB807-810) on reg cv 3 July 1949 to Den Haag NL. COB Cat €39.50. Illustrated BEPITEC anniversary cxl. Also unaddressed FDC with souvenir cxl£ 10.00
MW070134Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1950 SABENA helicopter service. Souvenir card cancelled at each landing. First day of flight cxd ANTWERPEN x HELIPOST and apparently commercial flown cover to Paris franked 3 x COB827 (20c Athletics)£ 10.00
NM022135Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1950 reg cv from SERAING/3A to Australia franked COB830 (1950 4fr Athletics cat €30 on cover) + 4fr and 10fr (x2 different printings?) Poortman. Good commercial usage.£ 10.00
MW060136Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1951 Airmail Tryptic PA26/27 CTO Cat cxl BRUXELLES-BRUSSEL/1 €70£ 15.00
MW059137Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1951 Airmail Tryptic PA26/27 and PA28-29 (new Colours) LMM Cat €70£ 16.00
NM016138Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1951 reg tag for sample from KOEKRELBERG/E1E to Germany. Franked 4fr Poortman COB833 (x5). Mauve ECHn s/VALEUR label + reg label.£ 10.00
NM137139Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1951-1958 BELGICA balloon issue and overprints (COBE57-E62, E64-E68, E77). Cat €15. £ 3.50
NM015140Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1952 parcel tag for sample sent express from BRUXELLES-BRUSSEL/B1C to Germany. Franked 2.50fr Col ouvert COB846 (x5) + 90c lion COB8458. Std express + blue PAR EXPRESS + mauve ECHn s/VALEUR labels. Small tear to top edge.£ 5.00
NM068141Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1960s SABENA Luggage stickers - 5 different£ 25.00
NM067142Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1960s SABENA Luggage stickers - 6 different£ 30.00
NM069143Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1960s Sheet of 20 SABENA "via air mail" stickers£ 5.00
NM122144Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritime1976. 10fr Air letter from Liege to Philadelphia with additional 4fr Elstrom cancelled clear LIEGE X / GUICHET SPECIAL.£ 5.00
RL060145Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeAirmail cv to the Congo franked COB255, 724T & 748 cxl BRUXELLES B6B, 5 Jan 1948. Correctly franked: preferential rate to the Congo: 2.25fr + a/mail 6fr for 5-10gr £ 4.00
MW046146Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeAlbum page of 1929-1931 Express stamps (COB 292C-292H ex 292E). Worth studying for the varieties! Cat €96£ 5.00
RL015147Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeCOB141 cxl bilingual OSTENDE-DOUVRES paquebot cds x 2 to London. £ 8.50
RL029148Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeCOB33 1869 30c cxl sc GHISTELLES for local delivery + cursive boxed Recommande. Barely noticeable fold. £ 12.00
RL033149Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeCOB426 on ppc of Couvin to Brussels cxd telegraphic COUVIN/T.T., 1942£ 3.00
RL042150Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeCOB603 (x2), 606, 607 & 610 cxl GENT/2A to Switzerland, 1943. German censor's resealing strip on reverse ("e" = Frankfurt)£ 6.00
RL022151Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeCOB61 35c Fine barbe cxl BRUXELLES (R. DU TACITURNE) on mourning cv to Blinguy, 1898. Stamps pays combined letter and registration fee. Attractive clean cover£ 8.00
RL040152Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeCOB674A, 679A, 680A, 683A and 687A (Victory Lions) cxl GENTBRUGGE/2 on reg cv to Switzerland, 1946£ 4.00
RL041153Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeCOB675A, 676A, 677A, 681A, and 682A (Victory Lions) cxl BRUXELLES/BRUSSEL/1J on reg local cv, 1945£ 4.00
RL024154Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeCOB685 (x2) Victory Lions + 710 cxl ST GILLES (BRUXELLES) 3 on reg cv to Mons. £ 2.00
RL045155Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeCOB696 & 845 (Col ouvert) on reg private pc cxl JUMET/A2 to Montignies, 1954£ 2.50
RL013156Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeCOB772 & 832 on express cv to Geel, cxl LEUVEN/1, 1950. Clean. £ 3.00
RL006157Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeCOB83 cxl GAND (STATION) on psc COB 23 to Guatemala via Livingstone, 10/7/1896. Slight corner damage but excellent destination £ 6.00
RL057158Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeCOB848A Poortman on express cv cxl LA LOUVIERE to Liege, 1953£ 1.00
RL058159Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeCOB848A Poortman on express cv cxl telegraphic ANVERS BEURS 10 IIII 1956 to Bruxelles, 1956£ 3.50
RL025160Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeCOBs293 (x5) + PA COB3 (2fr) cxl LIEGE to Germany using night flight, 1930. German cachet MIT LUFTPOST BEFORDERT KOLN 2 in Gothic script. Correct rate.£ 6.00
MW062161Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeCollection of c60 airmail covers (mostly commercial) 1930-1950. No apparent philatelic frankings. Destinations noted - Congo, Brazil, USA, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Uganda, India, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and UK. An excellent collection with£ 100.00
NM070162Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeCollection of nearly 75+ post-war first flight covers, including some photographs, promotional leaflets and maps. Value approx 9,000fr from 1982 Vandenbauw catalogue. £ 40.00
RL026163Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeCommercial pc for Telefunken franked COBs321 Kepi and 339 Ceres cxl chamfered railway cxl of ELOUGES sent by express to Wavre, 1933. Repaired filing holes £ 3.50
RL054164Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeExpress cv cxl MERKSEM/TT to Geel. COB442 (x2), 768, 771, & 832. Missing rear flap £ 4.00
RL105165Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeLot de 2 lettres par exprès obl. télégraphique GEMBLOUX/T.T. 1945£ 5.00
RL082166Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeN°282 + 309 + PA 2 cxl LIEGE on cv to Germany, 23/6/31. Correct rate (letter 1.75fr + airmail fee 50c/20gr)£ 5.00
RL077167Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeN°326 (x3), 328, 330 + PA N°1 cxl LIEGE on airmail cv to Germany, 3/3/1932£ 10.00
RL099168Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeN°45-46(3) obl. simple circle SOIGNIES s/lettre par exprès 1891£ 5.00
RL071169Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeN°478 cxl ANTWERPEN on reg cv to Louvain, 11/12/1939. COB cat 25€£ 7.00
RL092170Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeN°478 obl. ANTWERPEN s/lettre recom. 1939 (COB 25€)£ 5.00
RL083171Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeN°647A (x5) + tête bêche 21-21 + interpanneaux 22 cxl agence BRUXELLES *61* BRUSSEL on reg local cv, 1949.£ 8.00
RL079172Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeN°74 (x2) + COB83 cxl sc MALINES(STATION) on psc N°37 sent by express to St Gilles, 1908£ 7.00
RL068173Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeN°76 unusually cxl BRUXELLES 13 (service des exprès) on cv to Switzerland , 1906£ 6.00
RL008174Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeOfficial Telegraphs & Telephones registered pc cxl SOIGNIES/ZINIK telegraphic cxl to Braine-le-Comte, 1921.£ 5.00
MW045175Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeRegistered Express cover From BRUXELLES 10 to the UK franked with blocks of 4 of Col ouvert 5fr (COB 696), 1fr20 (COB 845) and 2fr50 (COB 846). UK EXPRESS FEE PAID cachet. Probably philatelic but dramatic!£ 5.00
MW054176Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeSABENA. Original photo of A-310 Airbus), plus 8 modern PPCs of SABENA planes (A-310 (3), Avro RJ100, Boeing 737, Boeing 747 (3) £ 0.00
MW040177Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeSmall collection of registered covers mostly post-war to 1982 and also 1932 cover from KORTRIJK to UK franked at 3fr50 with mixed values inc 1fr Farrand "Pubs" and attractive commercial cover from HAREN franked at 4f50 with Kepi issues (17).£ 10.00
MW041178Express, Registered, Air Mail and MaritimeSmall group of modern express covers inc 1972 AR letter (12)£ 5.00
MW053179Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritimec75 first flight and commemorative covers, many official and recorded by Vandenbauw. Some attractive frankings.£ 0.00
MW052180Express, Registered, Air Mail and Maritimec95 airmail covers sorted on commercial usage . 1951 onwards. Interesting and less usual destinations noted - Soudan, Algeria, Madagascar, Rhodesia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Turkey, Yugoslavia, India, Canada, Finland, Bulgaria and the Congo. £ 2.00
RL049181Telegrams, Fiscals etc1910. Telegram form form BRAINE-LE-Comte to Orp, 1910. m/s "une annexe pour reponse payee". £ 5.00
RL050182Telegrams, Fiscals etc1923 Telephone receipt with BRUXELLES RUE DE LA PAILLE rectangular datestamp£ 3.00
RL037183Telegrams, Fiscals etcCOB58 cxl LIEGE (GUILLEMINS) on receipt + COB56 (x2) cxl LIEGE/QUITTANCES on second presentation, 1904. Interesting usage. Central fold£ 4.00
RL020184Telegrams, Fiscals etcInternal Dept of telegraphs TRANSPORT EN SERVICE with BORGLOON/LOOZ telegraphic cxl, 2/11/1922. Unusual£ 10.00
RL009185Telegrams, Fiscals etcReceipt with COB59 cxl ANVERS (STATION )/ MANDATS, 1902£ 3.50
RL004186Telegrams, Fiscals etcState telegram with chamfered railway ds of BILSEN 2, 12/12/1922. From the Minister of foreign Affairs with condolences on the death of Baron Borman£ 4.00
NM041187Railway Stamps, Postmarks and TPOs1903/04 - ppc from WAULSORT to HASTIERE and ppc of the Meuse from WAULSORT to Brussels. Ex Harry Green£ 4.00
NM045188Railway Stamps, Postmarks and TPOs1904-1909 Four ppc of towns on the Hal to Mons railway cxl QUENAST (on branch line), SOIGNIES, BRAINE-LE-COMTE, MONS (STATION). A nice and difficult run to obtain! Ex Harry Green£ 10.00
NM044189Railway Stamps, Postmarks and TPOs1937 8PPC of Yvoir franked 35c Lion cxl CONVOYEUR / TRAIN 1208 of the TPO running on Nord-Belge lines 125 and 154. £ 6.00
NM043190Railway Stamps, Postmarks and TPOs1938 PPC of Lustin franked 10c Lion cxl CONVOYEUR / TRAIN 1208 of the TPO running on Nord-Belge lines 125 and 154. £ 5.00
NM042191Railway Stamps, Postmarks and TPOs1946 Compagnie Internationale des Wagons Lits cv franked with small lions COB419, 420 and 713 (block of 4) from BRUXELLES (NORD) / BRUSSEL (NOORD) to UK. Correct intl rate of 3fr15. Attractive franking£ 4.00
NM047192Railway Stamps, Postmarks and TPOs1946/1948 Archer and train sets TR295-297 and TR298-300 UM Cat €10. Also TR295-297 set used with railway cxl and 2 sets TR298-300 with railway cxl or postal cxl Cat €4,50£ 5.00
NM040193Railway Stamps, Postmarks and TPOs1960 75th Anniversary set on souvenir card cxl BRUXELLES/1885-1960/27-VI-60/BRUSSEL. Cat €130£ 20.00
NM038194Railway Stamps, Postmarks and TPOs1962-1965 Station Buildings UM TR366-368, 373-377 (8 stamps) Cat €92.50 (TR366 excluded as marked)£ 10.00
NM037195Railway Stamps, Postmarks and TPOsCollection of ppc (22), psc (20), cv (5), letter cards (6) letters (6), postcards with station illustrations or station postmarks BINCHE (1), BRUXELLES MIDI (3), BRUXELLES (NORD) (8), CHARLEROI (1), GAND (5), GAND St Pierre (1), LIEGE GUILLEMINS (5), LOUV£ 40.00
RL064196Railway Stamps, Postmarks and TPOsN°108 cxl ambulant LIEGE(LUIK)-ERQUELINNES 25 TPO 1913. Card re-used and franked N°110 cxl relais RIEZES to Beaumont. Unusual combination of ambulant and relais.£ 7.00
RL104197Railway Stamps, Postmarks and TPOsN°53 obl. ambulant POPERINGHE-BRUXELLES s/CP 1902£ 5.00
RL098198Railway Stamps, Postmarks and TPOsN°83 obl. ambulant QUIEVRAIN-MONS(BERGEN)-FEIGNIES s/CP 1911£ 5.00
NM130199Railway Stamps, Postmarks and TPOs (Ambulants)1910 registered piece to London cancelled BRUXELLES / AGENCE No49. Franked 1905 Issue 25c (COB76) and COB83). BRIEF VOORZIJDE! DEVANT DE LETTRE! PIECE ONLY!£ 10.00
RL034200Railway Stamps, Postmarks and TPOs (Ambulants)COB108 on ppc of Maredret to Brussels cxd NAMUR (NAMEN(-MANAGE-BRUXELLES (BRUSSEL) tpo, 1914 with griffe FALAEN£ 5.00
RL016201Railway Stamps, Postmarks and TPOs (Ambulants)COB341 on ppc of Gedinne cxl CONVOYEUR / TRAIN 1208 £ 4.00
RL076202Railway Stamps, Postmarks and TPOs (Ambulants)N°81 cxl POPERINGHE-BRUXELLES tpo on pc to Brussels, 12/5/1910.£ 5.00
RL080203Railway Stamps, Postmarks and TPOs (Ambulants)N°83 cxl BRUXELLES-HERBESTHAL tpo on pc to Brussels, 31/12/1909£ 8.00
RL081204Railway Stamps, Postmarks and TPOs (Ambulants)PSC N°12 cxl TPO sc EST 3 + framed BRUXELLES griffe to Berlin 1878£ 10.00
RL065205Railway Stamps, Postmarks and TPOs (Ambulants)PSC N°44 with bilingual ambulant cxl of TOURNAI-BRUXELLES 2 TPO. To Warcoing 1913£ 5.00
RL030206Railway Stamps, Postmarks and TPOs (Ambulants)Swiss unfranked psc overprinted with commercial cachet with Swiss AMBULANT No27 tpo to Antwerp. Fine EST 3b transit tpo on reverse. ANVERS cds on arrival.£ 5.00
RL002207Railway Stamps, Postmarks and TPOs (Ambulants)psc No15 cxl GAND/OUEST III TPO to Valenciennes (Fr), 1885 £ 12.00
NM013208Postage Dues - Taxe1895 Bisected 10c taxe stamp on wrapper. Cat €45.£ 7.50
NM010209Postage Dues - Taxe1899 GB postal stationery card LONDON.S.E. to Antwerp with 10c postage due (TAXE 4)£ 5.00
RL070210Postage Dues - Taxe1900. TAXE N°4 cxl BRUXELLES on pc from France, 7/7/1900. Addressed to Malines et taxed at BRUXELLES/1.£ 5.00
NM007211Postage Dues - Taxe1901 Cover from France to Bruges, franked by 15c Mouchon PERFIN DC (Dandicolle & Gaudin). TX6 (20c). TOURNAI-GAND 2 TPO on reverse.£ 5.00
NM009212Postage Dues - Taxe1905-1988 Small collection (c48) of underpaid covers to and within Belgium. £ 30.00
NM011213Postage Dues - Taxe1919 Cover from London franked KGV 1½d to Gent with 20c King Albert with large T (TAXE 20) Cat €42£ 10.00
RL097214Postage Dues - Taxe1919. TAXE 14A obl. + annulation roulette BRUXELLES s/lettre de GB affr. à 1½p de LEEDS le 22/5/19. Cote COB 50€£ 12.00
RL035215Postage Dues - Taxe1921. Taxe COB28 cxl HAINE-ST-PIERRE on ppc with COB137 cxl LA LOUVIERE, 1921£ 3.50
NM012216Postage Dues - Taxe1927 Postcard from Kettering to Heyst franked GB KGV 1d with 30c & 40c taxe stamps (COB TX35 & TX37). Machine franked cover with TX 33 & TX43. PPC from Felixstowe with TX34 & TX39. Complete letter card franked GB KGV ½d and 1½d Birmingham to Antwerp wit£ 10.00
RL038217Postage Dues - Taxe1933. Taxe COB35 cxl ORMEGNIES on ppc franked COB337 cxl ATH. Griffe ATH cancelled using large T.£ 4.00
RL053218Postage Dues - TaxeCOB1850 used as postage due cxl BRUXELLES-BRUSSEL B29B on cv from Spain, 1958 £ 3.00
AH005219Postage Dues - TaxeTX12. LMM. Fine, fresh appearance. COB Cat €50.£ 10.00
AH006220Postage Dues - TaxeTX16. LMM. Fine, fresh appearance. COB Cat €260£ 50.00
NM008221Postage Dues - TaxeTX4 cxl LILLE St HUBERT relais cds £ 5.00
RL001222Postage Dues - TaxeTax COB45 cxl BRUXELLES on cv from USA 1939. COB cat €10 £ 3.00
RL056223Postage Dues - TaxeTaxe COB34 & 35 cxl LEDE on pc of Antwerp panorama franked COB339 Ceres cxl roulette.£ 3.00
RL028224Postage Dues - TaxeUnder franked Swiss ppc to Obourg charged 10c postage due COB4. COB cat €10 £ 4.00
NM020225World War I & Fortunes1915 b&w PPC of the Avenue de Tervueren and the Centenaire (with tram) sent free of charge through the German Feldpost to Giessen. Cancelled superb rectangular BRUXELLES NORD / C RECETTES 3. All examples seen of this daterstamp used on Feldpost mail.£ 6.00
RL018226World War I & Fortunes1918. Unfranked cv with s/l fortune PAYE from Houdeng to Brussels, 21/12/1918. £ 6.00
RL019227World War I & Fortunes1918. Unfranked cv with s/l fortune PORT PAYE ARLON to Brussels.£ 5.00
RL085228World War I & Fortunes1919. N°137 cxl CHARLEROY 4 double circle fortune 4 with central 1919 year slug to Brussels£ 7.00
RL084229World War I & Fortunes1919. Telegramme with fortune GENDRON-CELLES/29AOUT 1919 fortune cxl. Rare.£ 20.00
RL036230World War I & FortunesCOB137 cxl agence fortune BRUSSEL/BRUXELLES 27 to Waterloo, 1919£ 3.00
RL017231World War I & FortunesCOB137 cxl fortune agence BRUGGE *14* BRUGES on cv to Hasselt, 1919 £ 3.00
RL027232World War I & FortunesCOB137 cxl fortune files down German bridge of STAVELOT to La Panne, 1920£ 4.00
RL100233World War I & FortunesN°137 obl. agences de fortune BRUXELLES *27* ET BRUGGE *14* sur 2 CP 1919£ 5.00
RL032234World War I & FortunesOcc 11 & 12 on ppc of Bailleul to Ellezelles, 1917. Red censor cachet Zulassig / 6. Armee.£ 4.00
RL007235World War I & FortunesReg PSC No18 with addtnl 25c on 20c cxl German ELSENE bridge cxl and bilingual reg label to Holland, 1917£ 3.50
RL046236World War I & Fortunespsc No52 cxl fortune BELGIQUE/BELGIE/2 from Arlon to LEUZE, 1919£ 5.00
NM118237General Military1916 cover to Rome from J GEVERS (Ste Adresse) cancelled STE ADRESSE / POSTE BERGE - BELGISCHE POST. Franked 1915 Issue 25c. Appears to be a genuine commercial usage. This company is infamous for its large quantity of philatelic mail sent to Baarle-Duc.£ 5.00
RL047238General MilitaryCOBOcc3 PERFIN P.B. (= Compagnie de Bruxelles) m/c cxl BRUSSEL/BRUXELLES/1, to Gand, 1916. Large 80mm censor's POSTPRUFUNGSSTELLE - GENT cachet with eagle on reverse. Blue two-line ETAPPEN-INSPEKTION / GENT on front.£ 8.00
MW047239General MilitaryMilitary stamps (1-M5) on four album pages - multiple mint and used copies£ 5.00
RL096240Eastern CantonsN°422(2)-678-716-721-722-723 obl. EUPEN s/lettre recom. vers la France 1946. Tarif exact (lettre 3.5fr + recom 3.5fr)£ 5.00
RL059241Postal StationeryCOB193 Houyoux cxl EUPEN D1D to Uccle via BRUXELLES-CHEQUES /BRUSSEL-CHECKS in blue 1925£ 2.50
NM079242Postal StationeryPublibel card 2291 without value imprint and PERFIN ANNULÉ. Believed used as a sample for potential buyers£ 10.00
NM081243Postal StationeryPublibel card 2308 without value imprint. Believed used as a sample for potential buyers£ 10.00
NM080244Postal StationeryPublibel card 2340 without value imprint and PERFIN ANNULÉ. Believed used as a sample for potential buyers£ 10.00
NM078245Postal StationeryRange of 10 used Publibel cards relating to Antwerp City and Province). £ 10.00
NM136246Postal StationeryRange of 14 mint Publibel cards relating to Antwerp City and Province (275, . Fine condition£ 20.00
NM134247Postal StationeryRange of mint Publibel cards (5) on theme of railways (2572, 2574, 2616, 2617, 2656). Fine condition.£ 7.50
NM133248Postal StationeryRange of mint Publibel cards (9) (213, 542, 601, 724, 1606, 2281, 2390, 2724, 2725. Fine condition.£ 12.50
MW058249Postal StationerySet of 5 TOURISM postal stationery envelopes used to same addressee. £ 0.00
MW057250Postal StationerySet of 5 mint TOURISM postal stationery envelopes £ 0.00
NM082251Postal StationerySmall collection of mint Publibel cards relating to smoking (Rizla cigarette papers) (801, 2564, 2635, 2744, 2774, 2790 plus four cards without value imprint overprinted SPECIMEN (2789, 3 x 2790 in different colours). Also blank sample card with ni impri£ 45.00
NM135252Postal StationeryTwo Publibel cards with no value stamp imprint and overprinted SPECIMEN (2572, 2609). Superb condition£ 20.00
NM076253Stamps (1849-1915)1880 Issue 50c telegraph part sheet of 23 (TG13). £ 7.50
MW037254Stamps (1849-1915)1896 Brussels Exhibition 10c pale-brown COB72 in sheet of 25 complete with marginal printer's markings. Cat €550£ 50.00
MW008255Stamps (1849-1915)1910 5c Montald ligne (COB86) on face of pc of Place Verte in Antwerp, cxl WESTMALLE. Card unaddressed. COB Cat €22.50 £ 4.00
NM002256Stamps (1849-1915)1910 Receipt for subscription with COB74 (x3) cxl LIEGE /QUITTANCES 29 Jan or LIEGE / QUITTANCES DEPOTS 18 March. Different dates due to second submission. GRIVEGNEE cds x 2 31 Jan and 19 Mar on reverse. Unusual. £ 12.00
TP035257Stamps (1849-1915)1911 CHARLEROI overprints on 1c Lemaire. COB101. Complete mint sheet. Cat €640.£ 125.00
TP036258Stamps (1849-1915)1911 CHARLEROI overprints on 2c Lemaire. COB103. Complete sheet postmarked CHARLEROY 24/01/1912. Cat €1,800!£ 350.00
TP034259Stamps (1849-1915)1911 CHARLEROI overprints on 2c Montald. COB102. Complete sheet postmarked CHARLEROY 24/01/1912. Cat €1,800!£ 350.00
TP037260Stamps (1849-1915)1911 PPC of Liege Gare des Guillemins with trams franked 5c with Charleroi overprints COB100, 101, 103 and 81 cancelled LIEGE 05/07/1911 to Mechelen received same date! £ 30.00
TP042261Stamps (1849-1915)1915. Vertical pair of 1915 Issue 10fr (COB149) with large annulling punch holes. £ 0.00
AH001262Stamps (1849-1915)COB16(A?) 40c perf medallion mint. Appears to be full own gum. Gum crinkled. One perf short (top right corner). Slightly off-centre to right but nice fresh appearance COB Cat €440 as (*). £ 50.00
AH002263Stamps (1849-1915)COB16(A?) 40c perf medallion mint. Appears to be large part OG. Gum crinkled. Row small thins but good, fresh appearance. COB Cat €440 as (*). £ 20.00
AH003264Stamps (1849-1915)COB32 25c mint. Part OG. Slightly centered to left but fresh colour and appearance. COB Cat €230 as (*). £ 45.00
AH004265Stamps (1849-1915)COB37A 5fr mint. Large part OG. Missing perf top left. Centered slightly to right. COB Cat €4,700£ 200.00
RL072266Stamps (1849-1915)N°137 (x2) type III emerald green + type I cxl BRUGES on cv to Hoesselt, 1919. Présence Rare example of the use of two types on the same document (for comparison!)£ 20.00
NM075267Stamps (1918 onwards)1920 Dendermonde. COB182, 182A (gum missing form corner) and 188A in corner block of four. Cat €20£ 5.00
MW061268Stamps (1918 onwards)1920 Spa Diplomatic Conference. 14 pieces with stamps of the 1915 Issue (COB135-149 excluding 141 5c and 147 FRANKEN) cancelled with clear and neat CONFERENCE DIPLOMATIQUE/SPA datestamps. £ 25.00
MW021269Stamps (1918 onwards)1926 Anti-TB 5fr + 1fr in sheetlet of 10 stamps (has been folded) COB F244a cat €135£ 25.00
MW024270Stamps (1918 onwards)1927 charity 5fr + 1fr COB253 in sheetlet of 10. Light fold. Cat €85.£ 20.00
NM059271Stamps (1918 onwards)1929 Heraldic Lions tete-beche KP3 to KP 12 (complete). LMM some UM. Cat €60.95. £ 20.00
MW023272Stamps (1918 onwards)1929 Orval with Prince Leopold o/pt COB272A-272K (less missing 3fr COB272F) LMM. Cat COB €740. £ 125.00
TP039273Stamps (1918 onwards)1936 Charleroi Hotel de Ville m/s COB BL6. Cancelled CHARLEROI/EXPOSITION PHILATELIQUE DE JEUNESSSE. Fine used Cat €75.£ 18.50
TP038274Stamps (1918 onwards)1936 Charleroi Hotel de Ville m/s COB BL6. UM. Fine Cat €190.£ 25.00
MW068275Stamps (1918 onwards)1938 Prince-Pilote COB466-470 on souvenir sheet cxl MUSEE POSTAL. Cat €22£ 4.50
MW067276Stamps (1918 onwards)1938 Prince-Pilote COB466-470 on souvenir sheet cxl OOSTENDE / 13-8-38. Cat €22£ 4.50
MW038277Stamps (1918 onwards)1939 Anti-TB set "Belfries" COB519-526 on souvenir sheet cxl BRUXELLES-BRUSSEL/1. Cat €40£ 8.00
MW036278Stamps (1918 onwards)1939 Liege Water Exhibition 35c COB484 in complete sheet of 50 stamps. Cat €25£ 5.00
MW029279Stamps (1918 onwards)1939 Red Cross set COB496-503 on souvenir sheet cxl BRUXELLES-BRUSSEL /1. Cat €35£ 7.00
MW026280Stamps (1918 onwards)1939 Red Ross set COB496-503 on reg cover cxl JUMET/1E to UK. Not FDC! Cat €60 on cover £ 10.00
MW005281Stamps (1918 onwards)1941 Philatelic Fair Red Cross Week COB582BA ex m/s numbered 8884 on reverse. Mint hinged. Cat €105£ 20.00
MW001282Stamps (1918 onwards)1941 Philatelic Fair Red Cross Week souvenir card COB582B numbered 12851 (and on stamp). Stamp UM. Cat €160£ 25.00
NM019283Stamps (1918 onwards)1942 Scientists Imperforates with specimen o/pts with and each number 12 on reverse. 35c (large side margin) COB594, 60c COB 596 & 1fr COB597. Fine COB Cat €60£ 15.00
MW027284Stamps (1918 onwards)1943 Anti-TB set "Les metiers" COB615-622 on souvenir sheet cxl BRUXELLES-BRUSSEL/1. Cat €8£ 2.00
MW028285Stamps (1918 onwards)1943 Third Orval set COB513-518 on souvenir sheet cxl BRUXELLES-BRUSSEL/1. Cat €42. Priced as used copies as sheet has corner bends£ 5.00
MW088286Stamps (1918 onwards)1944 Victory Issues - Lions COB 674-689A (UM), COB 674-689 (FU), COB 674A-689A (mint inc blocks), page of State Seal with V o/pt (COB 670-3) and four commemorative cards franked with Lions. Cat €78 + cards. Excellent selection for studying flaws£ 15.00
NM074287Stamps (1918 onwards)1948 Anseele. Souvenir folded card with stamps cancelled GENT 27-06-48. COB781-784. Cat €15£ 3.50
MW022288Stamps (1918 onwards)1948 Exports sets COB761-772 appear to be UM with some extra shades Cat €73+£ 15.00
MW091289Stamps (1918 onwards)1949 official presentation folder containing full Centenary set COB807-810A. Stamps hinged. Stamps Cat €24.50 as set£ 5.00
NM018290Stamps (1918 onwards)1951+ Small collection of 8 cv with 1951 Lions, including printed matter, visiting card, village cachet, official mail and mixed frankings. Neat covers.£ 5.00
NM117291Stamps (1918 onwards)1989 Presentation Packs. Tourism Issue (COB 2328-31). Cat €3.40. Solidarity Issue (Royal glasshouses at Laken) (COB2340-43). Cat €6.35. £ 0.00
NM031292Stamps (1918 onwards)2000 6 x Sheetlets of 10 €0,42 MVTM plates 1-6 COB 2963)£ 25.00
NM036293Stamps (1918 onwards)2001 Coil strip of 6 Belgica stamps from rolls of 1000 (R99 plus extra R98). £ 6.00
NM035294Stamps (1918 onwards)2001-2011 Selection of Montimbre Posthorn issues (singles, 4 x strips of 5, and 2 sheetlets of 10. Face value.£ 13.00
NM032295Stamps (1918 onwards)2002 Sheetlet of 10 €0,42 and €0,52 MVTM (COB 3050 and 3051)£ 9.50
NM033296Stamps (1918 onwards)2002 Sheetlet of 10 €0,49 and €0,59 MVTM (COB 3132 and 3133)£ 11.00
NM029297Stamps (1918 onwards)2003 Sheetlet of 10 €0,49 MVTM (COB 3208)£ 5.00
NM030298Stamps (1918 onwards)2003 Sheetlet of 10 €0,79 MVTM (COB 3209)£ 8.00
NM026299Stamps (1918 onwards)2004 Sheetlet of 10 €0,50 MVTM (COB 3271)£ 5.00
NM028300Stamps (1918 onwards)2004 Sheetlet of 10 €0,80 MVTM (COB 3273)£ 8.00
NM027301Stamps (1918 onwards)2004 Sheetlet of 10 €0,80 MVTM (COB 3273)£ 8.00
TP045302Stamps (1918 onwards)2016. Unadopted design for the 2016 Eupen block (COB BL249) issued with the COB (NA 34). £ 8.00
TP041303Stamps (1918 onwards)Block of 4 10fr Montenez (COB 219) with large annulling punch holes. £ 0.00
NM100304Stamps (1918 onwards)COB 1627-1635 BELGICA 72 set in complete sheets of 20. Cat €130.£ 40.00
RL055305Stamps (1918 onwards)COB528, 851 (x3), Pub145 cxl BRUSSEL BRUXELLES MXM, 1972 £ 1.00
AH007306Stamps (1918 onwards)Elstrom coil strips of 5 with number R46, R50, R54, R62, R66, R70. COB Cat €14£ 4.00
NM132307Stamps (1918 onwards)Range of used Publibel cards (10) (464, 465, 542, 1732, 1733, 1833, 2516F, 2696F, 2722F, O8). Postmarks generally good to fine. £ 7.50
RL014308Stamps (1918 onwards)Seven railway stamps cxl 1940/41 fortune cxls - inc Waterschei, Halen, Frasnes-Buisseval, Hauchies, Basrode £ 4.00
TP022309Pre-cancels - Voorafgestempelde - Preobliteres1893 1c (x6) with preo o/pt. Cat €735£ 50.00
MW089310Pre-cancels - Voorafgestempelde - Preobliteres1895>. Range of precancels (preobliteres) from 1906 to 1963 (approx 275 stamps). About 50 are pre-WW1. 3 pages from inter-war years. Value not assessed. £ 10.00
RL067311Pre-cancels - Voorafgestempelde - PreobliteresPreo N°316 cxl LEOPOLDSBURG on PC to Mouscron. Preo COB accepted and charged 50c with Taxe N°38 cxl MOUSCRON 1931£ 6.00
NM014312Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1897 BRUXELLES KERMESSE multicoloured imperforate vignette (Mobbs 9.1) not recorded by Mobbs£ 15.00
NM025313Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1900 Official postcard (used) for the 1900 Hasselt Agricultural Exhibition. Superb art nouveau design by TT. Printed by T Bulens, Brussels £ 8.00
TP033314Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1911 CHARLEROI overprints COB100-107. MM. Cat €363£ 70.00
NM063315Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1913 Gand. Eleven PPCs including better cards, for the Exhibition.£ 7.50
NM073316Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1930 Brussels XIth Foire Commerciale. Strip of three vignettes (Mobbs 113)£ 3.00
NM065317Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1930 Liege. 32 art postcards of the Exhibition of pavilions and events. Some duplication.£ 50.00
NM064318Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1930 Liege. 40+ mostly sepia PPCs of the Exhibition in good condition. Includes folder of official cards by Protin et Vuidat (4th Series).£ 30.00
NM072319Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1935 Brussels Exhibition "Post coach" Issue in complete sheets of 10. Cat €175.£ 45.00
NM119320Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1935 Brussels Exhibition. Postcard showing map of the Exhibition and list of tram routes by E Stockmans. Unused. Fine. £ 2.50
NM062321Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1935 Brussels Expo. Series of 10 b&w ppc of the exhibition in folder bought from WH Smith English Bookshop, Brussels. Also eight other postcards by various publishers inc advertising leaflet.£ 10.00
NM066322Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1939 Liege. 9 b&w and coloured mostly officially sold PPCs of the Exhibition inc the teleferique£ 10.00
MW020323Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1941 Orval m/s overprinted 1142-1942 and re-issued privately COB PR49/50 cxl ORVAL/ABBAYE-ABDIJ Cat €530£ 50.00
MW049324Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1942 Orval overprinted m/s (2) (BL18-19) Cat €47,50. LMM£ 10.00
MW050325Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1942 private Orval m/s (2) perforated with the monogram of Queen Elisabeth. Also souvenir sheet (1) £ 0.00
MW042326Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1945 "V plus Crown" overprints on State Seal and Col Ouvert Issues (PR62-75). Cat €27£ 3.00
MW086327Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1946 25fr miniature sheet in favour of the Ailes brisees" charity issued for the Gent-Brussels flight (UM). Cat €80. Also PPC of GENT LUCHTVAARTDAGEN 7-8 SEPT 1946 with imperforate label cxd with commemorative red cachet. £ 0.00
MW063328Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1948 IMABA overprints (PR83-100) ex Harry Green. LMM.£ 3.50
MW066329Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1948 IMABA overprints (PR83-100) on five covers with New York cancellation£ 0.00
MW064330Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1948 IMABA overprints (PR83-100) on three reply-paid cards to Switzerland. £ 0.00
MW065331Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1948 IMABA overprints (PR83-100) UM. Cat €27.50£ 5.00
MW002332Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1949 privately issued BEPITEC m/s COB E53 Cat €25£ 5.00
NM077333Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1951 (6), 1953 (5) and 1958 (1) Cat 21.50 Ballon Flights E57-62, E64-68, E77). Cat €21.50£ 7.00
NM088334Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1955 7th International Fair, Liege. Complete sheet of 25 vignettes. Mobbs 116. Ind 1 each.£ 6.00
NM126335Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1955 cover from the Société des Beaux Arts de Liege with slogan cancellation advertising the 1955 10th Seraing Fair. Sent at domestic printer matter rate of 20c (COB851). Fine£ 2.50
NM089.1336Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1956 National Philatelic Exhibition at Liege. Complete sheet of 20. Mobbs 139. Ind 4 per sheet£ 2.50
NM090337Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1957 Brussels Annual Fair (Jaarbeurs). Complete sheets of 25 vignettes in German, English and Dutch. Mobbs 145. Ind 5 per sheet. each£ 7.50
MW044338Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1960. Various privately issued miniature sheets inc 1960 Rome Olympics, and 1962 Belgrade Athletics, 1962 Scouting and 1962 Europol Athletics, 1960 Rome Olympics FDC wit PR E78. Also Mercier reproduction sheetlet£ 4.00
NM138339Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1972. BELGICA 72 International Stamp Exhibtion, Brussels. Complete sheet of 25 labels.£ 2.50
NM071340Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie1975 THEMABELGA set in complete sheets of 10 stamps (COB 1789-1794). Cat €57.50£ 20.00
NM091341Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie2008 Luxphila Exhibition vignettes. Complete sheet of 30 £ 2.50
TP028342Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, Erinnophilie6 ppc (2 repro) for Liege 1905 & 1930 exhibitions incl Italcable imitation telegraph card. £ 8.00
RL075343Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, ErinnophilieAntwerp Expo N°68 (x5) cxl ANVERS BASSINS on cv to Germany, 7/3/1894£ 10.00
MW055344Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, ErinnophilieBalloon cover flown from the Heysel Stadium franked with COB E64£ 0.00
MW043345Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, ErinnophilieCards (3) and blocks of 6 (4) and loose values of 1950 Mardasson Memorial at Bastogne private issue (PR101-112)£ 0.00
TP032346Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, ErinnophilieCharleroi large and small exhibitions 1895-1975. c22 cards and 75 vignettes. An excellent starter collection. Estimated value over €200£ 50.00
TP030347Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, ErinnophilieCollection mounted on c60 album pages of the 1913 Gand Exhibition. 8 pages of postcards, slogan promotional postmarks on cards, and promotional pamphlet. The rest consists of c400 exhibition vignettes with little apparent duplication. Excellent condition£ 200.00
NM087348Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, ErinnophilieCommercial printed cover sent at printed matter rate and cancelled with advertising mechanical cancellation for the 4th Commercial fair, Brussels, 1923. Franked 10c Houyoux COB194. Fine £ 5.00
TP031349Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, ErinnophilieGent/Gand. C40 album pages mostly of vignettes relating to smaller exhibitions 1898-1995. Nearly 100 different vignettes, and a few covers. A very good basis for addition.£ 65.00
RL091350Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, ErinnophilieN°283 obl. LIEGE s/CP 1930 + vignette "Au nom des victimes de Dinant"£ 5.00
NM086351Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, ErinnophilieOfficial double "carte d'acheteur" to Switzerland from the administration of the 4th Commercial Fair 1923. Free entry card on reverse and blank reply card concerning accommodation. £ 5.00
NM085352Exhibitions, Events, Vignettes, ErinnophiliePrinted envelope for the XIIth Commercial Fair in Brussels to Germany also advertising the 1935 Universal Exhibition . £ 5.00
NM046353Railway Documents, Stamps and Cancellations inc Private Lines1928 Houyoux COLIS POSTAL / POSTCOLLO overprints 4fr and 5fr each with postal or railway cancellations (2 x 5fr), and 4fr with elliptical cxl. Railway and elliptical cxls appear to be difficult! 6 stamps in all.£ 5.00
NM001354Railway Documents, Stamps and Cancellations inc Private Lines1942 ARLON trapezoidal fortune cancellations (2) on COB TR253 & 238 cxl 18 V 1943 on piece. Also same on loose TR253 cxl 25 II 1942. All v fine strikes.£ 5.00
RL093355Railway Documents, Stamps and Cancellations inc Private LinesCHEMINS DE FER – Lettre de voiture obl. de raccordement privé de charbonnage BASCOUP/FOSSE N°5 le 3/7/43£ 5.00
RL094356Railway Documents, Stamps and Cancellations inc Private LinesCHEMINS DE FER – Lettre de voiture obl. de raccordement privé de charbonnage BASCOUP/FOSSE STE HENRIETTE le 16/9/42£ 7.00
RL095357Railway Documents, Stamps and Cancellations inc Private LinesCHEMINS DE FER NORD BELGE – griffe CHARLEROI ENTREPOT N.B. sur récépissé de douane£ 5.00
TP024358Picture Postcards3 b&w official postcards issued for 1905 Exhibition. 1 unused; 1 used£ 2.50
TP023359Picture Postcards6 b&w ppc of Vieux-Liege by De Graeve, Gand 5 unused; 1 with 5c arms on front cxl LIEGE GUILLEMINS.£ 5.00
TP026360Picture Postcards7 b&w ppc of 1905 75th Anniversary of Independance cortege/parade. 3 unused; 4 used to NL. £ 4.00
TP046361Picture PostcardsColoured PPC for the 75th Anniversary of Belgium with images of the three Kings. £ 5.00
NM083362Picture PostcardsDelightful 19th Century early unused PPC of Dinant and the Rocher Bayard. Unusual in mint condition£ 5.00
TP047363Picture PostcardsPPC of a postman delivering a letter to a fisherman, and 1883 Issue 20c stamp design. La Poste en Belgique £ 5.00
TP027364Picture PostcardsRange of 10 b&w ppc of stylised drawings of Liege markets, traders and scenes. 2 defaced; 1 duplicated; . Attractive£ 20.00
TP025365Picture PostcardsSet of 11 col ppc for Royal visit to Liege, 13 July 1913. Unused.£ 10.00
MW080366Picture PostcardsSigned (?) PPC of Ernest de Ryck, Belgian Aviators Corps, 1914-15.£ 0.00
MW039367Picture PostcardsSix different patriotic hand-embroidered postcards, four Souvenir de Belgique, one Glory to Belgium, and one with flags of participating nations. Most of French manufacture£ 20.00
TP040368Picture PostcardsTwo 75th Anniversary of Belgian Independence postcards with national flag, and emblem. Illustrations of the Bourse, Brussels, and Manneken-Pis£ 4.00
MW074369Picture PostcardsTwo SABENA PPCs (Nos 1 and 8 of series) of aircraft and hangers at Haren airfield. Unused and fine.£ 0.00
NM060370Picture PostcardsTwo ppc each of works at Spontin and Spa Monopole, producers of mineral water. Adjacent railway lines with trains (raccordements) visible. (four postcards)£ 5.00
NM101371Collections1946 Mailboats set - 20 covers. Two express covers, three registered covers inc one with pair of 2fr25. Destinations noted - Katanga, Sweden, USA. Rest mostly UK or domestic. One -10% cover noted. Interesting range of frankings with singles, pairs and c£ 30.00
MW048372CollectionsSelection of ATM covers (3), cards (6) and unaddressed FDCs (4) £ 0.00
MW013373Literature1963 Blue Guide to Belgium & Luxembourg£ 5.00
MW011374LiteratureCook's Traveller's Handbook to BELGIUM & ARDENNES, 1911. Contains maps and town plans. Some post office information included.£ 7.00
MW017375LiteratureCook's Traveller's Handbook to BELGIUM & ARDENNES, 1921. Contains maps and town plans. Some post office information included.£ 5.00
MW018376LiteratureCook's Traveller's Handbook to BELGIUM & ARDENNES, 1924. Contains maps and town plans. Some post office information included.£ 5.00
MW014377LiteratureGuide to Belgium by Claude Andrews. Includes map of Belgian railways inside cover, and folding map at back.£ 5.00
MW012378LiteratureHarvey's Guide to BELGIUM, 1930. Contains 39 maps and town plans. Fine condition. Some post office information included.£ 5.00
MW015379LiteratureMuirhead's Blue Guide to Belgium£ 5.00
MW009380LiteratureNagel's guide to BELGIUM and LUXEMBURG, 1950. Some post office information included.£ 5.00
MW010381LiteratureWard Lock Guide to BELGIUM, 8th Edition, undated (1950s?). Contains many maps and illustrations.£ 5.00
MW016382LiteratureWard Lock Guide to BELGIUM, 9th Edition, undated (1950s?). Contains many maps and illustrations.£ 5.00
TP043383EphemeraIndicateur officiel des postes de Belgique, 2e vol, 1956. Listing and locations of all post offices in Belgium. Includes six supplements. Damaged (loose) covers.£ 5.00
TP044384EphemeraReceipt book (unused) for recording receipts of cash, insured and registered items etc for the office of DOTTIGNIES/DOTTENIJS. Form 607. Complete with wrapper with dark green wax seals of DOTTIGNIES with Posthorn emblem. Unusual.£ 5.00