A Mysterious 1914 Antwerp Invasion Cover

This German field postcard was a  chance purchase on the website www.delcampe.net, and appears to be a very early cover from the first days of the German Invasion of Antwerp. It is featured in Ref 1 (pg24).

German field postcard datestamped 7 October 1914 at ANTWERPEN / ANVERS 1 (the main office located on the Groenplaats / Place Verte). The message on the reverse translates as “Greetings on the day of entry into Antwerp – 7.10.1914 Marine-Sanitätskompanie, Marinedivision (Marine Division Medical Company).

According to von Tschischwitz (Ref 2, pg88), towards midday (on the 9th October – Ed) General v. Besseler sent Hauptmann v. Heeringen into the city, as Forts 4 and 5 were already German occupied and any further defence of the fortifications was pointless. His party met burgemeester de Vos, with other dignitaries and the Spanish Consul General at the city walls requesting to negotiate a ceasefire in the bombardment of the City. So clearly by 7 October, the City had not already occupied.

The datestamp of 7 October is therefore a mystery, but my simple reading may be the most obvious one.  Simply, the wrong date was inserted into the datestamp. Any further suggestions or comments would be welcome.

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